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Reclaim your life.

At TLC Rehab, our expert therapists develop personalized treatment plans to relieve pain and help you move your body well—so you can return to the life you love and experience lasting relief.

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Living defined by pain and a lack of full mobility is limiting and finding a solution that allows you to return to the life you love can feel impossible. If you’re missing hobbies, skipping events, and feel isolated from your loved ones, it doesn’t have to be this way. 

At TLC, we believe no one should have to give up the activities they love because their body is holding them back. That’s why our expert therapists identify the root of your pain, develop a treatment plan tailored to you, and give you a clear path to healing. So you can get back to life on your own terms. 

Here’s how it works:


Experience lasting relief.

Are you overwhelmed by chronic pain, immobility, or the prospect of surgery? With the right treatment plan, healing is possible. After your first appointment, you’ll have a clear path to recovery with a team of experts by your side. 


Access a team of compassionate, expert therapists.

Our team of physical therapists, speech therapists, and occupational therapists serve the community with a hands-on, compassionate approach to healing. At TLC, you’re the priority—so when you book an appointment, you can feel confident you will receive quality time with your therapist and a recovery plan tailored to your health goals.


Feel empowered to care for your body.

Our therapy team is not only committed to helping you heal but also empowering you to understand the source of your discomfort—so you trust the therapy process and learn how to care for your body well.


Return to the life you love.

We believe everyone should enjoy life on their own terms. With lasting results and access to a supportive team, you can confidently return to the golf course, play time with your grandkids, daily walks, and experiencing every day to the fullest.

Facts & Figures

Did You Know?

TLC can save you


of medical costs for back pain alone with early intervention

Up to



of people find physical therapy an effective alternative to surgery

You have up to


lower likelihood for using opioids if you first provider is a physical therapist


Learn why TLC is the top choice for patients looking for lasting results and compassionate care.

The team helped me with my neck and Heather’s skill made me feel more optimistic about dealing with the herniated bulging discs.

five stars Jill L. TLC PT Patient

You feel better as soon as you enter, with Audrey then Lee, Kelley, Jamie, Michelle, Ashley and even Steve (even though he did not treat me, he always say hi with a smile). They are all so caring, professional and pleasant. It made my miserable painful situation more tolerable. My sincere thanks to the entire…

five stars Beth S. TLC PT Patient

I’m always greeted well. Very helpful even with the difficult exercises for me. Very encouraging. I’m sure I’ll be back. My MS will make sure of that.

five stars Matt G. TLC PT Patient

They are great, really helped with my recovery. I highly recommend this facility!

five stars Mary Y. TLC PT Patient

Everyone was very pleasant and helpful. They took the time to listen to you and knew exactly what to do to put you on the right road to pain relief. When you first came in Cam always greeted you with pleasantries. He was very good at his job. I would like to thank each and…

five stars Christy F. TLC PT Patient

Tony and the therapists at TLC are very encouraging and dedicated. They will push you to do your very best for the best possible outcome. I will recommend them to anyone needing PT.

five stars Josh F. TLC PT Patient

Return to the life you love.

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Find a clear path to recovery.

Whether you’re living in chronic pain, recovering from a surgery, or struggling with everyday aches, our team of expert therapists can create a tailored plan unique to your needs.

Are you ready to be our next success story?

Browse our patient experiences to see how you can regain your mobility and life. 

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Liz: Chronic Back Pain

Samantha: Sports Injury Recovery

Discover a team of experts committed to your health goals.

At TLC, we believe no one deserves to suffer in pain. That’s why we provide compassionate, hands-on care that prioritizes your experience—so you can feel confident in your recovery.